Memoirs of a Stalker

by Thomas W. Hodgkinson
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Jack Raphael’s life is in ruins. He’s unemployed, broke and, worst of all, the love of his life, Mills, has just broken his heart.

Then, one dark day, he sees Mills – but she doesn’t see him. Unable to control himself, Jack follows her home and, when the heavens open, he does something that will change his life forever. To escape the rain, he creeps into her house – and stays there.

At first, it’s just for a few days, no more than a stopgap. But this apparently innocent arrangement has a problem: Jack doesn’t actually tell Mills he’s
there and soon, inevitably, things go horribly wrong. Thrillingly intense, poetic, and laced with black humour, Memoirs of a Stalker is unlike any novel you will have read.

Silvertail Books, January 2016